About me

I am a student of Machine Learning/Data Science from Melbourne Australia. I have a diverse set of interests, but all of them intertwine in wonderful ways with my current focus to pursue a career in Machine Learning.

My academic background in analytic philosophy showed me the importance of expressing thoughts clearly. This clarity of expression is something I have carried through in all aspects of what I do. I believe good code should be easy to understand.

My love of photography gave me a sensitivity for aesthetic beauty in the world. I love exploring beauty and elegance in the things I pursue. I believe good code should be aesthetically beautiful.

My other academic background in psychology opened me up to the amazing flexibility of the human brain. I am deeply inspired by attempts to make computers capable of learning on their own.

I love keeping fit, and learning. Both share the same property that I get the most benefit by pushing beyond what I though capable of doing. I believe good machine learning code can overcome impossible hurdles.

My love of hiking and swimming provides me with a sense freedom and euphoria. I believe free code, is happy code. I share much of the code I write in my spare time on Github, and have contributed to other open source projects.